Halloween Party

No video this year, just big hair. You’ll have to check the Facebooks to find photos of me as Gulo gulo. Bonus question: what’s more annoying than knowing that Erin and Hig are embracing the wild with an equanimity few of us will ever be able to understand? Answer: anyone who reads Gawker.

A test of patience

My new bike is pretty sweet. I underestimated the excitement it would engender. (Thanks B!) The fatness is pretty giggle-inducing (insert phallogocentric bike quip here). I approve of the stickers. Being reflective is a great touch. I’ll take it to the LBS to get the headset installed once the new crown race comes in, but […]

Autumnal photos and new bike dread

The height of the Aspens and Cotttonwoods has passed, but the Larches are just coming into form. I’m excited to get a new bike.  Bikes are really cool, one of those items whose durability, aesthetic potential, and utility all unite and form a strong bond.  To prepare, and prep the Karate Monkey for winter (and […]

Luc is full of crap

Not because of his videos, they are all like this one uncannily good, but because he seems to think I and you drive traffic for him. Absurd, all his videos have like, 1000+ views, while mine have about 87. That could be because his don’t suck, of course…