Thus do I refute Keith Hammer

We in America have a problem.  Idiosyncracies of our wilderness preservation laws and their implementation and advocacy have (largely) bifurcated those dedicated to the outdoors as a worthy part of American culture.  I’ve yet to find a more stark articulation of this than the Swan View Coalition’s Code of Responsible Recreation (link withheld to protect […]

Thanksgiving in Hell

We wanted something simple for Thanksgiving: a quiet place new to us, without snow and temps warm enough to not warrant full winter gear. We’re far enough north that getting out of our climate zone is a bit of a challenge, but Hells Canyon in Idaho/Oregon delivered. Our route: south from Pittsburgh Landing (all-weather access), […]

The holiday season

On most workdays I indulge prodigiously in caffeine enhancement, but try to avoid (for financial reasons) the extra psychological lift/indulgence which comes from an espresso beverage.  Both today and yesterday I found that particular performance enabler necessary, and noticed when buying an Americano from Tymber (seriously) that City Brew opens at 3am on Friday.  For shopping.  Just one […]

Not winter, yet

When does winter begin? With the first significant snowfall down here in the valley? Perhaps the first night below zero (F)? The first time you have to put on snowshoes right from the car? Some folks, ill acquainted with the lands beyond conventional human habitation (mid-latitude and low elevation) and hewing to a strictly temperature-based […]