1. Hi Dave,
    sorry for my bad English.
    Could you please write as next „gear review” entry, how do you carry your essential things handy with you?
    Things like i.e. camera (handy/water resistance?), map, compass, fire(starter), knife, headlamp, FAK, wallet…
    …carrying in the backpack (stuff sack), side pocket, pouch, clothing?
    Thanks’ a lot,

    1. No problem Kai. Thanks for reading.

      My camera is always in a little Lowe Pro shoulder case under my outer shell. Keeps the snow off, and in the winter keeps it warm so the battery doesn’t die. And a camera in the pack doesn’t take many pictures.

      On a day trip like the above everything in the pack aside from my shovel and waterbottle is in either a small or large drybag. The small one has all the odd stuff: headlamp, emergency kit, ski straps, etc. The big one had goggles, insulated pants, insulated parka, extra gloves/mittens, and lunch.

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