A year ago

It’s what you do right now: someone comes to visit, so you ride the closed road and hike to Avalanche Lake. McDonald Creek is going full bore, a kayakers impossible dream due to the Harlequin Duck closure April-September. Some horsing around was done. Compared to a year ago, conditions are impressively different. The trail up […]


M’s sister is here visiting. She got sun for the first few days, but rain and cloud today.  I’ve been swamped myself at work, which is a good excuse because I cannot begin to keep up. The last weeks very warm spell has meltoff at full bore. The main Flathead a few miles from our […]

Grizzlyman Adventure Race report

As defending champions, Bill and I had a simple burden this weekend; anything other than a repeat would have been a disappointment.  The Grizzlyman is a great race precisely because of the open course, consequent reliance on strategy, and the inherent uncertainty this creates.  Points accrued from checkpoints determines finishing order, with time only used […]