M’s sister is here visiting. She got sun for the first few days, but rain and cloud today.  I’ve been swamped myself at work, which is a good excuse because I cannot begin to keep up.

The last weeks very warm spell has meltoff at full bore. The main Flathead a few miles from our house almost hit 50,000 cfs today, setting an all time record for this date in the process and hitting a mark it often never reaches in a year. Flood stage is right around the corner with rain in the forecast, but I do love just sitting and listening as it churns by.

Bill is glad the race was last weekend, as the Blackfoot is now at 12,200 cfs!  This trend may not continue, and there is still plenty of snow yet to melt, but I feel confident enough to say that the high country will be snow-free early this year.  What this means for the Bob Open is much harder to say.

The first Tulips are blooming, and we had to cut the grass a few days ago. I saw a few Glacier Lilies up high during the race last weekend. It is spring now.