The pass at the pass

The cliche of like two ships passing in the night is itself easy to unjustly pass over, until you’ve been awake on a ship in the middle of a calm night, watching another well-lit island of humanity go the opposite direction.  Logan Pass is another cliche of human experience; it’s difficult to strip away the […]

Red Eagle Creek

When and if Glacier becomes a packrafting destination, Red Eagle Creek will be very popular during late spring and early summer.  After the the previous two years’ explorations, I came into this summer with a two-tiered list of rivers and creeks; a must-do list, and a worth checking out list.  There aren’t too many things […]

Upper McDonald Creek

A Glacier packrafting classic for those few people tracking such things: McDonald Creek from just below Longfellow to Mineral (where the seasonal floating ban takes effect).  Great, consistent action, not too severe, and as of today only one river wide wood jam and one serious rapid.  Said rapid, comes in the obvious spot not far […]