Communities of the mind

Aka, another northern traverse. Bowman-Browns-Goat-Stoney-Belly-Chief Mountain. Similar to and as good as the route from last year. If you want more beta on the park, my BPL trip guide was just published.  ($$ required.) Bowman Lake; yawn. Danni had invited Meghan to come backpacking, and Amber was going on the eight day trip across Glacier, […]

Congrats to Matt

Matt Vogt, whose detailed and photo-rich account of a challenging and rarely done trip ran away with the June TR contest. Well done Matt. Contact me with your address so a pack can get on its way to Arizona. There is a high probability I’ll have another such contest this fall, so plan accordingly. Amber […]

Classic carnage

“I killed the classic.” -Luc Mehl “Yeah, but I don’t know what we achieved.” -Josh Mumm, in response to my congratulations on a “fine achievement” Luc was speaking, the other day after his finish in McCarthy, not about the latest in his increasingly gaudy portfolio of adventures, but about the abominable difficulty of this year’s […]