1. Thank you! Perhaps you should contact Falcon Press about publishing your two guide books: one on Glacier NP and the other on The Bob?

  2. Better yet, self-publish your guide like Todd Martin did with “Gand Canyoneering.” Nobody knows the area better than you and you have a huge trove of very high quality photos.

    1. This is a first step towards self-publishing a proper book on packrafting the crown of the continent, perhaps in a few years when I’ve managed to fill in some of the many holes in my knowledge.

  3. Hi Dave, I’ve just found you’re site and its really amazing. I saw over on BPL you shot on a S90, is that still what you’re using? You’ve got some great photos here.

    1. Yep, still using the Canon. It has limitations but overall I’m very pleased. I’ve thought about going down the DSLR road but haven’t yet, mainly because I hesitate to financially put a foot in that particular wormhole.

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