Two Medicine-Dawson Loop

If you’ve gotten your diploma from Dawson-Pitamakan, get your degree from this off-trail sibling to the south. What follows is enough beta to still have an adventure on this fairly moderate, but still strenuous, loop. Almost all photos by M, for reasons to be explained. Begin by hiking the trail to Two Medicine Pass. Nice […]

The river that swallows all rivers

The Grand Inga Project is now available.  I can’t say I intend to buy it, but the trailers and snippets are worth watching.   And the article in Kayak Session is worth reading (for free, right now). Very impressive photography. Most of the world’s big “unexplored” places are isolated by both harsh conditions and distance, […]

Arc’teryx Neutro Visor review

Reviewing a very expensive hat, on a blog.  Doesn’t get more outdorky.  But if you’re not here for that exactly, best move along yesterday. The Neutro in action. I’ve always held the conviction that whomever names Arc’teryx products wanted to be Jean-Luc Picard. This is a 35 dollar visor.  It is also an exceptionally functional […]

The 2013 BMWO

While eating cookies and watching the sunset at my excellent ridgetop camp this past Saturday, I decided what the Bob Open course will be for next year: Benchmark to Black Bear.  Details are in the tab, above. I’ve thought all along that it would change every year, to keep it interesting for me and everyone, with favored […]