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They’re out there

Black Bear and Big Fat Larry tracks. Down by the river about 2.5 straight line miles from our house.

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Third annual Kishenehn autumnal equinox

“I’m a sucker for knock-you-upside-the-head grandeur as much as the next guy, but over the years I’ve learned to prefer slightly less spectacular places with wilder character, where the animals don’t come for handouts, they come for prey. That’s Kishenehn.” … Continue reading

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More reasons I want a Krampus

Photo from the excellent Interbike is over, so Surly released the full geometry of the Krampus.  And it looks good. 2006 18″ Karate Monkey 2007 large Leviathan (3″, w/100mm suspension fork) 2011 17″ Mukluk 2013 medium Krampus Eff TT* … Continue reading

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Why I picked a MegaLight

The search for an ideal main fleet shelter continues. I was never entirely happy with the Shangrila 2: lack of broadside wind stability and the need for two poles. What floor space it does present is quite useable (and Golite … Continue reading

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The Shallow Abyss

The progression of adventure films generally, and for today of climbing films in particular, has nothing to do with harder, faster, or higher.  It has to do with saying things, with better bringing into focus the import such pursuits have … Continue reading

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Camp Corsa review

The Camp Corsa is light.  10oz flat in 70cm. It self-arrests and belays pretty well. If that is all you need in an axe, which is to say you’ll carry it a lot, use it occasionally, and climb with it … Continue reading

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Krupikachu and Geargal, together at last

Kyle Skaggs (L) and Krupikachu headed for the podium after co-winning the 2008 Red Hot 50k. Anton Krupicka (kru-pitch-ka, the nickname comes from a hilarious Irunfar interview) is the most influential ultra and mountain runner in the United States.  And … Continue reading

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Summer’s End

Mineral Creek from the headwaters. All things must go. We’ve two weeks before the equinox, but last night dipped well below freezing down in town, the aspens are yellowing on the gravel bars, and the highest of the larches are … Continue reading

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Heavenly creatures

A cliche title for a (by my previous standards) cliche outing. Ali and Ranger Megan had an idea; climb Heaven’s Peak from Camas Creek. Perhaps there would be no bushwacking. Why not? M came home from work Saturday night with … Continue reading

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Internal Wars, Tenkara Wars

My day job as a social worker is rooted in paradox. The perception of an empathic provider is a prolegomena to effective mental health treatment, which is not something suited to fakery. At the same time, we as professionals must … Continue reading

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