Western MT boater alert!

Exceptional conditions have provided the western Montana boater with an extraordinary, perhaps even unique opportunity which will pass quickly. Spend your time this weekend carefully. McDonald Creek in Glacier is the biggest drainage originating entirely within the west side of the park. It is borne in an impressive spread of alpine meadows and runs through […]

Mike, bite me

To continue the theme of last week’s post; when you’re ~50 straight line miles south of Canada and it is raining at 6000′ on the last day of October, things like this are hard to bear. Well done gents. Everyone, go read/watch that whole thread on emptybeer. For today I must console myself with the […]

That season

After the snowpack begins accumulating in the mountain, but before it stops raining in earnest; this is the off-season. It’s hard to decide on what to do outside, but easy to see why things are so empty: you can’t spend much time outside without getting wet. My mom came to visit, and after much contemplation […]

Identity politics as such

Or; now that I’ve got everyone’s attention it is time to loose it. My recent post has everyone thinking.  Good, though not too good because too many are agreeing with me.  So I’ll expand on a particular pivot in that post which has, seemingly, eluded many.  Identity politics is at first glance the idea that […]

Slow is Fast: Follow-up

It started slowly, rustiness in my knees getting off the bike this morning, which I put off easily. Occasional squeaks and creaks continued hiking up the big climb, but that is strain of the type I’ve avoided of late, and soon passed. But the next climb after a few gentle miles hurt. My IT bands […]