The king heuristic

The conversation among the group shouldn’t be, “How much risk can we take and get away with?” It should be, “How can we be 100-percent safe and still have fun?”…People say you have to go and ski powder—that’s the sickest. But maybe that’s the hype that’s killing people. -Drew Tabke I have yet to ski […]

The Fat Bike Summit

Chad heads into dusk. According to presenters from QBP, this weekend at the second annual Fat Bike Summit, there are around 10,000 fat bikes out in the world today. They expect it to double in the next twelve months.  Where will they be used?  What is the future of fatbiking? The organizers of the summit, […]

Alpacka Scout weigh-in

The Scout arrived today. As expected Alpacka fulfilled my color request well (I don’t like yellow, and black on the tubes behaves poorly on hot days). My intention with the Scout is to see how well is stands up to technical water, or to put it another way, when smaller forward tubes and no deck […]