The 6 10 project

My A-list project for the summer: hiking all six of the 10k+ foot peaks in Glacier in one elegant, self-supported traverse. I opened the can on this a few weeks ago, so I might as well put it on the net. Public exposure will keep me from being lazy in the next 6 months. The […]

Musings on tech nordic

First; define your terms. Here, and just about everywhere else I’ve written about ski gear, I’m talking about multi-day rugged nordic touring. Distance oriented travel in unbroken, mixed terrain. Like what is featured here, in my still all-time favorite ski video. Conditions and preferences will dictate skis; anywhere with overflow and/or significant wind exposure you’ll […]


We may not have any direct evidence of Fishers in the park yet, but a camera Nate and I set up last month did net a cool find. Here’s me testing that site. One of the more enjoyable aspects of this years Fisher project, even more than the wolverine work last winter, has been going […]

With a bang

First, know that I’m alright. No injuries whatsoever. On the way to work yesterday I made my routine turns through the snowy streets, routine run through the countryside, routine paranoid lane change through the profligate stop lights and sprawl of airbag alley (the northern fringe of Kalispell), and made a left on to a small […]

LaSportiva Sideral: Trial by liners

Plastic boots hold huge advantages for backcountry ski touring. And I mean true touring: multi-day trips where the travel is the primary goal. Plastic boots don’t absorb water, are somewhat to very waterproof, and the closed-cell foam liners you’ll find on any decent boot provide excellent insulation. Most importantly, CCF does not absorb more than […]