It is alive

I looked out from my perch… It is alive, I thought. I listened to myself breathe as I thought this. Not life in the way I would imagine. It is alive in the way that water is alive, filled with direction and intention. The wealth of shapes plagued my eyes, so much happening all at […]

The killing hype

Photo by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. I’m not going to say I told you so. I’m not going to say much of anything, other than that anyone who does serious backcountry travel, no matter the season, should read this incident report and the commentary and discussion here.  Avalanches may or may not be the […]

Acquisitionalism and the lure of the insider

The internet drives gear geekery, this much we know. I recall, back in my elementary school gear geek days, the excitement when the quarterly (and no more!) Patagonia and TNF catalogues arrived. Online “research” has sped up information dissemination, and decreased our attention spans. That this has led to gear fetishization taking the place of […]

2012/13 ski gear review

Plenty of skiing yet to done this spring (once it stops raining), but my gear focus is already on the fall hunting season, so it’s a good time to discuss what worked and what didn’t. I skied the above four skis this winter.  200cm waxable Fischer E99s (60/50/55), 176cm BD Currents (more here), 150cm Trak […]