Hunting with Malice

It is rather common in my part of the world to hear that wolves are ruining the elk hunting.  Elk numbers are down due to wolves, is the refrain, which goes along nicely with the “Smoke a Pack a Day” bumper stickers. Table from Ripple and Beschta 2012. Trophic Cascades in Yellowstone: The first 15 […]

Why the Gorilla works

Disclaimer: as a trail ambassador I got this for free. M photo. I’ve been impressed with the Gossamer Gear Gorilla.  One of the foremost reasons I got involved with Gossamer Gear is that their packs didn’t mesh well with my previous ideas of what a backcountry pack ought to be.  Thankfully my hopes have been […]

Just another Saturday

After last weekend and a busy return to work all I wanted to do was go hiking by myself. It took a while to hitch a ride, and I eventually made it to Logan Pass around 830. When I got back to the car 10.5 hours later I couldn’t think of any other way I’d […]