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2013 B&P Holiday Gift guide: An Island

Islands comes in many different forms.  What they have in common is also their primary virtues: isolation from everyday life, and time alone with something new. When it comes to backpacking, Isle Royale is my favorite island. Getting out into … Continue reading

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The big one

The weekend started out in an ignominious fashion, when I got our car stuck Friday afternoon out at my favorite backwoods target range. Front wheel drive doesn’t do you much good on ice if you back into a downhill pullout. … Continue reading

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2013 B&P Holiday Gift guide: A big ridge

Give someone you love a walk along a big, rugged ridge this year. Seeing things is important. If backpacking is too your liking, the recently proposed Wind River High Route looks like a good option. With Alan Dixon and Don … Continue reading

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A Prolegomena to the 2013 Bedrock & Paradox Ideological guide to Holiday Gifts

Don’t buy your loved ones any physical objects in the next six weeks.  If you have regular access to the technology and leisure which reading this requires, you almost certainly have enough stuff to do a great many fun things … Continue reading

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Friday night we ate some fresh deer. The loin had been sitting in the fridge for 48 hours, covered in a dry rub of black pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Sear all sides in a smoking hot cast iron skillet, … Continue reading

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Green grass for the future

The grass is always greener, right? In northwest Montana, it’s now dark by 5pm, mid-elevations are starting to fill in with snow, and roads are closing. For me, the antithesis is four months ago, when temps were kind, there was … Continue reading

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The only thing worse than missing

I’ve developed a case of hunter’s elbow. The lateral tendons in my left arm are swollen and bitchy from carrying a 6 pound shotgun in cradle for many hours over the last few weeks. When we returned from Utah two … Continue reading

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Introducing the Gossamer Gear Tamarisk

I’m pleased to make the world premier of the new Gossamer Gear Tamarisk pack here on Bedrock & Paradox. I’d like to thank Gossamer Gear for allowing me to do so, and for integrating my feedback into the design, which … Continue reading

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Valhalla: the continued immolation of the spectacular

Ski movies are killing ski movies. Ski movies are killing skiing, and perhaps outdoor recreation writ large. Valhalla, from Sweetgrass Productions, is a leading example. We saw it last night. I wrote last year about the spectacular being commodified and … Continue reading

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Hunt small

I am tired. It’s been a long, good year full of trips and with little respite between projects. My legs are still willing, most of the time, but my mind needs a solid month of nothing in particular: no goals … Continue reading

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