Holiday recipe: Venison camp stew

Why is this a holiday recipe? Because it feeds lots of people good food with little prep time, and is a great hearty warming dish for trans-solstice in the northern hemisphere. I’ve done this several times this month with venison shank and stew pieces from lower on each limb. Beef is a fine substitute. Bone […]

The Yellowstone Grizzly: Free at last?

A not-GYE Grizz. This past week the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) met in Missoula, and recommended that the Grizzly be delisted from the endangered species act in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It is at once a small step and a big deal. This latest report (linked to here) primarily concerned the effects of continued […]

That’s not a review

The internet makes experts of all, that much is certain.   What is less so is how to know which items are worth the time they take to read.  Just going for a walk has become “gear testing.”  This should be condemned for two reasons.  First, it’s bullshit.  Second, it supports the talking before doing acquisitionalism […]