“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”
-Emma Goldman

What you are voting on:

Kristen Gates’ ~1000 mile solo east to west traverse of the Brooks Range in Alaska. A thru-hiker graduating to something bigger in spectacular fashion. An exceptionally well written account.

Dan Durston’s packraft and hiking trip on the north shore of Lake Superior. Even in the internet age, there are still lots of blank spots on the map.

Steve Fassbinder’s bike and packraft loop around what would be the most remote place in the lower 48, if it weren’t for that accursed reservoir. Be sure to read all of the many installments.

Brendan Swihart, hiking and floating right nearby, during the wrong time of year. Exploring the bowels of the last named river in the lower 48.

Luc Mehl’s urban/wild, self-supported, dirtbag route from Mexico City to the sea, over a big volcano. Bold and creative.

A reminder, voting closes in a little over 48 hours.