Kokopelli Packrafts

Alpacka raft is about to have some competition, and it’s about damn time. Almost a year and a half ago I lamented the lack of direct competition in what was obviously the sweet spot in the packraft market. Over a year after they first popped up on the ‘net, it seems that Kokopelli Raft Company […]

Blame Major Powell

Four square miles may be considered as the minimum amount necessary for a pasturage farm, and a still greater amount is necesary for the larger part of the lands; that is, pasturage farms, to be of any practicable value, must be of at least 2560 acres, and in many districts they must be much larger. […]

‘Lining for real folks

Friday evening I finished a BPL article on training for backpacking. The research for the article gave me ample cause to reflect on my laziness over the past few years. I returned from the Grand Canyon trip pretty worked over physically, which was to be expected. Aerobically I had plenty of juice to get things […]

10 years a geek

10 years ago we were living in Moab. There was not a mountain bike in the house. Oddly enough, it was only after moving away that cycling became an interest, the gateway drug to the obsessive world of endurance athletics. (Sports is just not the right word.) In the fall of 2004 we moved back […]

No bears

This weekend I headed over the continental divide to the Sun River, to go bear hunting. Why? I’ve never shot a bear, never butchered a bear, and never eaten bear. Maybe once I have, I never will again. I have a number of hunting ambitions later this year, for which I need some training up, […]