March of 2003

Forrest recently posted photos and video from a trip in the Escalante which made one of my favorite memories even more vivid. Spring of 2003 was my last semester of undergrad. In spite of taking three seminars/thesis-level classes in three different departments, I really had my shit together. Grinnell College had a two week spring […]

One Bear

Spring. Rain. A damn big pile of sticks. Grizz. After getting shut out of bears last month, I figured it was worth another try. I saw one bear, the big chocolate griz that left the above tracks, but nothing of black bears besides tracks. Committing to shooting a bear back in the Bob means committing […]

The Future of Yellowstone

This originally ran as an Op-Ed in the Missoulian.  I see the current debate about paddling in YNP as having to do with a lot more than just boating.  It’s about Yellowstone’s repeated indifference to non-traditional forms of human-powered recreation, and more broadly about the future of national parks generally.  A lifetime ago Yellowstone National Park […]

Hunting for Turkeys

It’s hard to get excited about turkey hunting. They’re a non-native critter, and so far as I could tell last month, when they were gobbling like mad, spring turkeys like to hang out in peoples yards. While there were surely some turkeys hanging out in some far off meadow in the woods, I didn’t prioritize […]

The Rossi Tuffy as a real gun

Over the winter it was an easy decision to buy a gun for high country small game backpack hunting. Grouse are phenomenally tasty birds, especially the pheasant-sized Dusky or Blue Grouse. Ideal grouse habitat, especially Dusky habitat, tends to be not close to the road. My main field shotgun is light for what it is, […]