The Front, for the future

Last year I wrote about the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, a piece of legislation still stuck in the middle of the legislative process. I still think the bill is a great example of what I wrote about yesterday, a compromise which doesn’t sacrifice the future for the present, or vice versa. There’s a great […]

Excuse me, there’s meat in my cheeseburger

Just hiking. Into the hidden world. The story? Post-hike at the Two Med Grill M meant to order a grilled cheese, but actually ordered a cheeseburger on sourdough with swiss and cheddar, no veggies. A good idea, but not what she had in her head. When plates arrived confusion reigned for 15 seconds, and the […]

Fear, hello again

Spencer and I had a fantastic run on the North Fork of the Blackfoot yesterday, one of the best whitewater runs in the Bob. So great was the fun, and so continuous and fast was the action, that this is the only photo I took all day. I first ran this stretch a long time […]


It’s a secret. Six months; that’s the lead time for reserving a forest service lookout around here.  For July that means you need to be thinking about sandal hiking right as ski season is fully firing, and with most lookouts only open during the non-snow season (July-September), there is not time to mess around.  Fortunately […]

Where Bears are Spotted

There have been many occasions over the last three years when I’ve thought about counting all the trees in the Bob. Chatting with the guys at RMO the other day I repeated for the upteenth time, to myself and others, that one of the greatest virtues of packrafting in these parts is getting you out […]