One of those places

If you get out and about and live in the American west for long enough, odds are you’ve collected a few categories of favorite places. There are the most spectacular and most memorable places, and the places worth an annual visit because they make such pleasing routes. There can be remarkably little overlap between these […]

The Spirit of Backpacking

Where is the spirit of backpacking? Out there, of course. It’s in the soft guys in boonie hats, sitting and sweating in the middle of that steep pitch up to Ptarmigan Lake, a third of the way to their camp, on the first night of their trip. It’s the three guys with Walmart packs, and […]

Three cuts traverse

Or; just another dayhike in Glacier. Details not made explicit to protect others future fun. The off-trail part starts by traversing a bench. A vestigal terminal moraine collects snowmelt and directs it under the talus and dirt. It re-emerges as a series of springs 200 meters downhill. Following sheep trails, sometimes obvious, sometimes not, is […]

The farewell tour

Going through the lower reaches of the South Fork, down to and past Spotted Bear, I saw no one for hours. A civilized stretch of river relative to the past days, but still two hours of dirt road from anything. A raft came into view, a guy with a big hat at the hours, and […]