Trophy country

New Zealand. It’s plain I will not have time to do things justice as we go, likely not until long after we’re back in the US, so snippets will have to do. First on the list, due purely to the location along the circle we’ll eventually draw, was hunting in the alps near Mount Cook. […]

One day lost

Wednesday afternoon we spent in the Dallas airport, waiting for the Qantas desk to open so we could recheck the rifle, having had to leave security after our flight from Des Moines to do so. That had its adventures (firearms logistics will get a post of their own in due time), but soon enough we […]

The Human Factor: The Only Factor

Black Diamond, Powder Magazine, and writer David Page completed a series on avalanche risk entitled The Human Factor, which I suggest just about everyone read, here. Taken as a whole, I find the article frightening.  It is full of passages like this one: “The report, like most in the genre, is long on details about […]