The death of the Baring Creek cabin

A couple years ago I spent a few nights, alone, at the Baring Creek cabin along St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park. A few days ago it burnt down in the Reynolds Creek fire. The press copy about “the historic” cabin is somewhat misleading. Yes it was built in the 1930s, possibly by CCC […]

Fighting islands of moisture

“Go for a short walk, and you’ll know if your gear fits. You might notice the stretch, the lightness, the breathability, the warmth. But you won’t really know if it can keep you alive.” -Sitka blog Fire during the 2011 Wilderness Classic, still the coldest I’ve ever been.  Photo by Paige Brady. The article/post linked […]

My favorite salsa recipe

Ingredients: 9 jalapenos 4 small onions 1 head garlic 2 cans stewed tomatoes with garlic 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar salt olive oil Slice jalapenos into ~1cm pieces, roughly dice onions, peel and halve garlic cloves.  (If you’re averse to spice, de-seed the peppers entirely or in part.)  Place in skillet or pan, drizzle with […]