Wild Turkey stew

Sorry mom, but growing up I never liked turkey.  Never eaten save on two holidays, it was always overcooked and underflavored.  Thankfully wild turkey solves both problems handily if done right. Roasting a whole turkey is probably a fools errand.  It looks cool, but the different parts respond best, by far, to different treatments.  I […]

2 hours with elk

The tracks passed through the fence and continued on the other side, a large wad of dark hairs stuck in the top wire the definitive sign that the obvious was real; the elk had jumped on to private land and my time with it was done.  The sense of loss was only indirectly related to […]

The 2015 pack fleet

I’ve been doing the pack thing for a while now.  After owning and especially building so many none of them can retain nostalgia for long, with any and every little detail subject to scrutiny, revision, and destruction.  That said, the novelty of cutting and sewing has also waned significantly in the last year, and it’s […]


Twelve years ago that morning we had been in a hotel in Vegas, me flipping through the Yellow Pages and calling wedding chapels at 9 in the morning.  Twelve years later we were in a tent under the ponderosas back from the rim near Bryce Canyon, sun coming up slowly on a cold and clear […]