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2015 in 12 photos

January: hunting Chamois and Tahr in New Zealand February: backpacking the Heaphy Track March: early, early season packrafting on the South Fork of the Sun April: animals everywhere in the North Fork of the Sun May: my favorite route across … Continue reading

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Holiday roasted venison leg

This is a spectacular, spectator friendly, no-holds barred recipe for special occasions. I made it for solstice last weekend and aside from the visceral and personally satisfying rare backstrap the day of the kill is the best way I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Why we chose a Double Duck

There are more expensive, more practical, as well as more blingy or more frequently used gifts, but from the day over 5 years ago, when I unwrapped my first, to today I’ve not found a more exciting thing to unbox … Continue reading

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Hayduke, the movie

State land, Montana. On his most recent episode of Hunt Talk Radio Randy Newberg got into an interesting local controversy, which as they discuss is just the latest iteration of an issue which has in Montana persisted and grown worse … Continue reading

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Little Bear gets indoctrination

And then we saw the moose.  Clouds had rolled in between 2am, when I went out to piss off the porch, and a little after 9am, when we left the cabin.  In the middle of the night the milky way … Continue reading

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Tips for winter

The essential guidelines I put down four years ago are still a good foundation, but with the snow beginning to pile up it’s a good time to mention some specifics which have proven constant from then to now. The most … Continue reading

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Packrafting in December

As best as I can recall, I’ve never gone packrafting in December (or January, or February). It’s not the cold, it’s that the cold locks away all the water, and what few rivers are ice free (usually only the Middle … Continue reading

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The woods are small enough

It seems to me that hunting is close to turning a corner in the popular imagination.  Sicmanta (watch if you haven’t), the hipster hunting movement, and the reach of hunting clothing all point a finger. Right now I’m less interested … Continue reading

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2015 hunting in review

The three does were headed up the slope away from us, in full and easy view amongst the scattering of dead trees. I motioned M and Little Bear to stay put and worked to close the distance, bent double and … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon backcountry management plan: Comment Now

Last week Grand Canyon National Park released a draft of their next backcountry management plan.  These plans are enormously important; they’re detailed and comprehensive, and set in place policies which are not easily changed and for a variety of reasons … Continue reading

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