Who was Carmen Spinelli?

I’ll never know for certain; but a month ago M bought me her/his old longbow as a birthday gift. The argument for a hunter being able to bowhunt competently is obvious.  In a world where being able to hunt many of the great western landscapes hinges upon tag drawings, which in extreme cases can take […]

Wind River high

There are several controversies which must be dispensed with before discussing a high backpacking route through the Wind River range.  The first is integrity.  A few years ago Alan Dixon and Don Wilson released a detailed, free, online guide to a route they hyped as “better than the Sierra High Route.”  If online reports are […]

The most important backcountry skill

The above is a screen grab from the latest episode of Meat Eater.  Whats significant here is not the episode itself, which is an excellent one, but what Steve Rinella is doing here.  A few minutes prior he shot a large-antlered, mature mule deer, fulfilling a decades long quest with a perfectly placed 392 yard […]