Future baselayers now

Baselayers, I’ve written many words on the subject, including these and these.  Fancy underwear may be a prosaic subject, but given that you wear it more often than anything else while In The Woods, it is worth both more words and perhaps, more money.  Because exciting things are happening. The orthodoxy of baselayers has for […]

Why, again (part 2)

Read part 1 here, and some trip background here and here. With dry clothes, a sandy bed, hot water bottle, and the whispering river twenty feet away I slept well, a welcome contrast to the occasional shivers the previous night.  Even better, experience has shown that getting on the water at dawn on a cold […]

The universal trophy mentality

Doug Peacock, inspiration for Hayduke and author of the excellent Grizzly Years, has continued to solidify his place as one of the most divisive and intellectually cheap writers on wilderness issues in the 21st century.  First it was this article two years ago, conspicuously lacking in detail and conspicuously abundant in name-calling and deliberate mis-characterizations. […]

BD Dawn Patrol Touring pants

I used to think heavy softshell pants like Black Diamond Dawn Patrol Touring pants were stupid, a needlessly heavy and expensive version of the lighter and more versatile pants I’ve been using for hiking, climbing, and everything since I was ~20 and the hundred or so dollars taslan pants ran was no longer excessive.  By […]

From the land of the living

I’m back, and things went well, in that there were no major mishaps, immemorable numbers of minor ones, I was pushed to stay on schedule, but ended up finishing an hour early. The following are raw, primarily logistical and equipment thoughts while my focus returns. This was my first multiday trip with the current generation […]