2016 Bob Open gearlist

No video this year. The array of stuff is so familiar that writing it out seems redundant, but folks have consistently expressed value in the video versions, and I like them for future reference. We had a mild winter and early spring in northwest Montana, but the last week has brought record precip, which fell […]

The old West Lakes trail

If you look at old maps of Glacier National Park you see that 80 years ago there were many more miles of trail than the ~700 the park currently maintains.  Particularly in the North Fork, all the trails which used to run north-south midway between the river and the mountains have been unmaintained for half […]

First Lite Aerowool

As I’ve written before, the task of baselayers fabrics made from merino-polyester blends is to unite the moisture management and funk resistance of wool with the quick wicking/drying and durability of polyester.  Numerous variations have made good strides towards this end, but all have come up short in one way or another.  Kuiu’s ultra merino […]