11 months

The skiing this Satuday was almost certain to be terrible.  Temperatures barely below freezing make for wet, sticky, slow snow; and poor visibility removes the other element which might compensate with appeal.  I had promised myself that if Little Bear woke early Saturday we’d go skiing, regardless of all but the most horrid conditions.  I […]

At the lake

While backpacking with the baby has been an unqualified if strenuous success, we’ve been avoiding it at home.  For 11 months now.  M has bearanoia far greater than mine, but it took me a while to square the burden of fatherhood with the abiding worry that Grizzly bears engender.  He is still tiny and helpless, […]

One trip in the Bob

Just what it says; if you’re a reasonably experienced backpacker and/or packrafter, and want to do one trip in the Bob Marshall, the following are my current recommendations.  One suggestion each, for hiking and packrafting.  Good loops are possible, especially for rafting, and car shuttles around the Bob are long with almost no commercial options […]

2016 Bob Open analysis

18 folks started the Bob Open this year, a new record.  Near as I can tell, 12 finished.  As has been the case in the past, most of the chat has been over at BPL, but posting there now requires a small fee, which may require a change of venue.  Point being, anyone can show […]