New stuff

One of the supreme pleasures in life is seeing a new landscape for the first time, when every foot and view is totally novel, and the area lacks any trace of mental map for orientation. That was what I got to do today, and it was glorious. Gunnison Gorge is a half a Grand Canyon, […]

Opt Outside; #fuckyou

Just a friendly reminder this Thanksgiving day that while it’s great you spent yesterday in mass carbon mode to get somewhere nifty so you can do rad things today and #optoutside tomorrow, the world really isn’t so simple.  It would be nice if hiking, camping, and even more complex things like backpacking and mountain biking […]

Going Up

At some point in life we are told, or find out through mysterious processes, that hiking in hard and thus flatter and plainer trails where walking doesn’t require thought become preferred.  This transition must come around the time our brains become complex enough, and our well of memories deep enough, to make daydreaming an option […]

Moving on

Today will be my last day, for quite a while or perhaps ever, as a professional social worker.  I’ll go in to the office to tie up a shockingly small number of loose ends, make one final home visit to hand off one last case, and be back home this evening unemployed for the two […]