Three strikes for sheep

This past week I received my annual call from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to check in on how hunters did hunting certain species.  How many days in the field, how many animals seen, how many animals killed, and where are all relevant questions for future planning.  I’ve become accustomed to these calls, I look […]


When coming back into a new pursuit it is a good idea to give yourself plenty of leeway, so that the inevitable mistakes don’t seem too big a deal, and so the inevitable stress doesn’t lead to further screwups.  I did moderately well at the first, and rather better at the second, during 24 hours […]

Why I like the desert

Like most Americans, or indeed most contemporary humans, I spent a lot of time reading about the desert before I experienced it firsthand. I have some hazy memories of a family swing through the Colorado Plateau of Utah when I was eight, spotty visions I can now place as the chopped steps on the traverse […]