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What I’ve been up to

In short, lots over at the Seek Outside blog.  Photos and a report from a recent backpack, highlights from SHOT, and five first steps for aspiring hunters.  And more to come.

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LaSportiva TX3 snap judgment

For reasons discussed below, the LaSportiva TX3 has been on my radar since it came out last year. I received a pair for Christmas, and since then have taken them down a handful of technical slot canyons and on some … Continue reading

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Three trends from 2017 Winter OR

Sasha photobombs Luke’s beer. When I first attended OR last year I expected to hate it, as consumerism and massive groups of strangers are two thing with which I have little patience.  I didn’t, in fact I enjoyed it, and … Continue reading

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The correct questions

In the weeks before we were set to leave Montana mid October had settled into a stubborn, even egregious Indian Summer.  The kind with short, sharp, clear, and mild days that are good for doing just about anything, except packing.  … Continue reading

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2016; 10 photos

The first thing I can remember about 2016 was not sleeping, at least not for more than 90 minutes at a stretch, in early January during Little Bear’s rather spectacular six month sleep regression, which coincidentally or not happened on … Continue reading

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The skinnies

After spending a certain amount of time outside coherent rules emerge.  Erosion shapes the land in a defined manner, and one can generally predict what is going to happen downstream and downhill. The slot canyons of the Colorado Plateau redefine, … Continue reading

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