20 months

What have we learned in the last 20 months? That when Little Bear is outside most of each day, every day, life is pretty simple.  His appetite for motion is insatiable, and the world of streets and four walls doesn't frame that very easily. That people are even more ready to snap judge others parenting … Continue reading 20 months


Unlike so many places, it is well named, especially for the 21st century bourgeois dilletante "adventurer". Namely, us. We did well last year to so thoroughly associate the backpack with fun.  LB loves hiking, occasionally requests to get back in the pack, and for him the more exposure and wind, the better.  Which made Angel's … Continue reading Zion


We saw it many times, from miles and miles away, but I always dismissed it.  Canyon country has plenty of odd lumps in the rimrock, and the trail was just sandy enough to be slow, the day just sunny enough to be fatiguing, and the cliff face along which we walked for a while was … Continue reading Chaco