Shameless capitalism in 2017

First, for my own shameless commerce update: you can still purchase some nifty stickers, or Packrafting the Crown of the Continent, at the store.  Sticker purchases have proven highly subject to direct exposure here; whenever I put up a notice like this one sales spike.  Guidebook sales have been steady since the launch in early […]

The Crown-Welcome Loop

When it comes to consistently spectacular routes, with no filler miles whatsoever, this is the best route I’ve done in the Bob.  Bar none. The limestone cliffs and reefs are truly special, from the way Welcome Pass is tucked into a surprising break to the walls behind the Green Fork meadows devolving into stacked pinnacles […]

What ultralight is not, part 2

My post the other week has proven quite popular, more than anything a cautionary tale for me.  In 10.5 years of doing this I never go more than a few months without being surprised by what proves of interest to folks, and have long since ceased being surprised when a personal favorite earns low numbers.  […]