My fav

Do you have a favorite place on earth? Me too. As Ed wrote, there are many such places.  Especially in early autumn I’ll take a certain corner of the North Fork that nicely bestrides the seasons; deep creek bottoms still firmly shadowed in spring, clear pools whose depths breath winter, and larch stands marching with […]

Fizan Compact trekking poles

Danny Milks from Massdrop contacted me a few months ago about a new version of Fizan’s compact trekking pole they were producing, and he ended up sending me a pair to use with no strings attached. With one major flaw I’ve found them to be excellent summer poles, and a good discussion point for what […]

Local fate

The most acute danger of being local to a given area is taking that place for granted, and allowing your perceptions to fall in line with the received wisdom: which trails give the best riding, where to find good powder, what is the choice fishing spot.  The ideal balance is to be aware of the […]

The 10 mpd club

One of the most significant moments in parenting, for us 21st century types for whom proliferation of the species is both an abstraction and a choice, is mourning the trappings of your pre-kid life as they are filed and filtered away, never to be seen again.  With an infant around your life will become totally […]