Yep it’s the weekend, and I’m currently enjoying a pint and the prerogative of all 9-5ers: worrying about all that shit on Monday. I’ll be watching the weather, hopefully 0300 tomorrow will bring starry skies. I also registered for the Santa Cruz Hellride, good thing I have health insurance! It’s the same day as the…More


Wheat crust, ricotta, mozz, pep, spinach, 1 garlic bulb (diced). And a pint of Springboard.More


So, I’m not going to Moab this weekend. It’d be exciting, I haven’t ridden the White Rim yet this year, and meeting Jill and Geoff and seeing Dave (and others?) would be excellent. Other, more mundance duties call, and I will remain here. Saturday I think I’ll be getting up horrendously early and doing a…More


Slowness this weekend and an increase in ambition for the coming month have me messing with the mechanical status quo. The bike. Put a 34t up front, a Nano in the back, and resurrected the old maligned XR front for, the front. Kicking a couple hours of dirt road climbing today the gear felt tall,…More

For your edification

Bike wheel squirrel feeder. Scott Morris has a great adventure story up from his explorations on the Grand Enchantment Trail. A true connoisseur of hike-a-bike. Enjoy.More


Plesko got 6th at Transiowa! Stories forthcoming; winkwink, nudgenudge… Mr. Nice dnf’d after 200 miles! Damn! 32:16 fixed; damn! Well done gents. Eagerly awaiting the full meal deal.More

KMC scouting trip

Marble canyon, looking east from Navajo Bridge. Scouting trip is done, route is set, que sheet is here. Pre-planning in the past weeks definitely made things more efficient. The final route will be a bit over 120 miles, 55 of singletrack, 63 on dirt roads, 2 on pavement. The diversity and quality of riding will…More

Off to the Kaibab

For real this time. I hope to explore and determine all the variations on Saturday, clock the road sections on the car odo, and ride at least some of it. Sunday I hope to ride the rest. Scouting and training, I plan to be very tired Sunday evening. It’ll be my own private Iowa. Feeling…More

The many faces of Iowa

Be here. Transiowa v3 beings at 0100 AZ time this weekend. I’ll be up in the Kaibab, asleep in the truck, and when I wake up part of me will be looking forward to this: Iowa has some truly great hills. 300 miles of this will be gnarly, especially with some good winds. And there…More

Of note

Things like this get me psyched to go climbing again:As long as you have plenty of caffeinated energy gels to keep you going and fresh batteries in your headlamp, it’s better to train hard, then charge out of the gate until the route’s done. “Marathon climbing,” I call it. If you need to sit down,…More