American Pride

Because I get a gun. I learned this morning that I have an elk permit, zone 10, October 19-25th. Not the first choice, but a good one. It’s also on our anniversary (sorry dear!). Zone 10 is south and west of Grand Canyon, a bit of pine forest and lots of high desert scrub. It’ll…More

Weekend Update

Epic day in Zion Saturday: navigation errors and various complexities put us in the Narrows at 2020, at the end of the road a bit before midnight. In season at Zion, one can only use the shuttle in the main canyon, and the last bus leaves at 2200. Ergo, we bivvied in the handicapped bathroom.…More

Vagaries and the weekend

Rollin’ out after work for a weekend of Zion canyons with Phillip, who is currently 1.5 semesters into figuring out how to manage outdoors habits whilst being in school full time. He used to be my partner in crime, working at Second Nature and living out of the trucks. Life has grown more complicated, but…More

Bring me all the muffins and bagels in the land..

..for victory is mine. List of victories today: -not having fucked up digits -finally setting up for use my year of the family time share (damn that sounds yuppie*). It didn’t work out for the CB 100, rather we’ll be in South Tahoe from 9/3-10. Freeloaders may be welcome, provided they either climb or ride…More

Mo’ stupid

Post rant yesterday, I did get out for a ride. Took a bottle and street clothes and spun around the hood for an hour, exploring the miasma of dead end streets. We live near the edge of town, in a large wash leading to an even larger wash a mile and a half east. All…More

Bike shop vagaries and other oddities

Bike shops can be a pain in the ass. While there are few things more satisfying than a mutual exchange of competence, experience, and respect between bike shop employee and customer, this is in my experience the exception rather than the rule. To whit, my own local options and the alternatives: 1) Small one-man local…More

Two Views of Spring

In the end I decided to tell my allergies to go fuck themselves, and had a good weekend. Yesterday was 3+ hours riding in Flag. We’ve got great riding all over town, and enormous potential for more. But the granite/volcanic/p-pine/aspen littoral is one of my favorites anywhere, and in Flag in particular. Riding up Shultz…More

On File

Informative comparison shots of classic WTB, new WTB, and Midge. Courtesy MTBR, of course.More


So, my hands hurt a lot after this past weekend. A hard day out, to be sure, but I want to continue having such days without being all jacked up, and plan for many this year. Maybe I should just get new gloves. Or perhaps I should go the more bling route and get one…More