On Group Riding

I’ve always been a bit antisocial, an oddity as I’ve been accurately characterized as an extrovert (by Meyers-Briggs). The two usually go together well, I like to talk, but only to worthwhile people, and value very highly and do not function well without plenty of time to myself. This weekend pushed those distinctions in interesting…More


Couple kinds of stupid operative in the last few days. Top of the heap, way ahead of the rest is my killing of the laptop keyboard with beer. Spilling it in the first place was stupid, driving it deep into the internals by ineffectually stabbing at the keys with a paper towel was also stupid.…More

Rough Night

Not many things are working “properly” this evening; I never win fights with computers. Except today, after 20 minutes of leaping about, gesticulating, swearing, and setting things on fire (old road flare from Selma’s emergency first aid kit still works!). On that note, I present my current emergency kit. It goes in the pack (almost)…More


M’s new ride has a home, check the sidebar. The saga continues……… p.s. AZ is the one state NOT on daylight savings time, but blogger is stupid. Er.More

"Music is the art of the invisible"

-Wynton Marsalais Walking down the street to Zax’s Saturday evening, I was shivering. Wearing capilene and two sweaters, hat, socks with sandals, looking with wonderment at passers-by in shorts and flipflops. Cause to realize I was not normal. It’s only recently that I’ve come to appreciate these opportunities. In retrospect, a hard day out without…More


We’ll be here soon. Interesting what comes when you google “Moab”, apparantly it’s also “mother of all bombs”. This one was tested a couple years ago. Be there.More


Sorry for the overuse of the wretched pun, but this is just a brilliant shot. It’s all in the eyes. (Not really sorry.) Well done, Dave. Another update in the saga of M and her car; the epic continues in the best American style: as of 1420 AZ time she was in eastern Mississippi, two…More

A Little Joke for you

Today in class we’re filling out college applications, protestations of the 12 year olds nonewithstanding. The highlight thus far has been the email addresses, and explaining the importance of appropriate and adultlike presentation. The highlight: skankasaurusrex@________.com. We’ve got some precocious ones.More

Post 100

Not a bad piece of work for three months. M made it to southern Georgia and got the car fine, then had a flat tire epic which is resolved. Looks like she’ll be buying some new tires tomorrow. I worry about her, but, if you’re gonna do something like this, it’s a damn good time…More

Lack of Creativity

Blogging is an interesting deal. Sometimes I’m inspired and have lots too say, but in the last few days my energy has been too low. M, work, riding, and assorted errands get priority over this. I do end up feeling bad about neglect; I write here for myself foremost, and secondly to give back to…More