Posters sent

Dropped by the post office on the way to work. 20 posters sent out, to 14 different people/organizations. CA, UT, ID, AZ, CO, and IA for the hell of it. We’ll see what happens. As per recent discussion, I don’t want an enormous number to show, and yet the democratic dimension of these events, and…More


Race posters are copied, most are packaged and ready to send off early tomorrow. Still waiting for Harris’ address and reco’s from the CO crew. (umhmmm) In other news, my last birthday present came yesterday. Yes, my birthday is February 10th. That’s what happens when you order the complete box set of The West Wing…More

The Bike

A bit of a discussion has arisen ( over the purpose and utility of drop bars off-road. “Shiggy”‘s treatise on the subject doesn’t leave much room for addition (see WHY in sidebar), so here are some fotos: Cleaning spokes seemed rather silly after the weekend, so I didn’t. I got sore, and will try some…More

Kaibab poster, and a request

I haven’t been entirely idle today. My fully analogue stab at promotional literature is finished. Eh voila: So, now I am in need of assistance. Tomorrow I head off to the copy shop to make a number of high-quality copies for distribution, most will I presume head off to bike shops. A select few places…More


Ed Ellinger took this on 128 last Friday. Outstanding photo! Eating like a starved animal mode kicked in today, driving back from the bike shop and a hike I simply had to have a cheeseburger. My role in life today has been lazy and unhelpful shop assistant to M, as the fuel tank removal saga…More

Break fast

One of the great pleasures in life is a big breakfast when you wake up truly hungry. That would be me. Banana pancakes, bacon, green tea. Also note, I am not at work right now. I am very smart, sometimes. Thanks for all the love, crew. The afterglow remains, even with my lower back bitching…More

The Ego has Landed

Please name that pop star… Yesterday was an outstanding day. Planning, training, scouting, nutrition, pacing, control; all came together and therein my expectation were exceeded substantially. Riding past wall street on Potash I was weeping out of joy. It all feels a bit funny now. Chris, Fred, Ed, Marni, Derrick and everyone at the finish…More

Calling in.

This is M. Corrupting Dave’s blog to keep you all posted. Dave just gave me a call- looks like 30-plus people started The Rim Ride. Davey came in 7th, in about exactly 13 hours- and is Beyond ecstatic about his performance. When he called only 8 people had finished… so we’ll see how much that…More

Foiled again!

And again, and again. Playing the weather game, eventually you will loose. Woke up predawn, right above White Canyon. Driving into Gravel it started raining, and continued. I turned around in the end less out of worry of flash floods in Gravel, then floods in White Canyon. It would not’ve done to get stuck and…More


In the immortal words of John McGlaughlin, that is. Weather still looks good, work is set, truck is (mostly) packed. And I’m off. Gravel tomorrow, I think, then on into Moab. See ya early Chris, Dave, Adam. Very excited. Sunday may allow blogging, perhaps. Cheers.More