We’ll be here soon. Interesting what comes when you google “Moab”, apparantly it’s also “mother of all bombs”. This one was tested a couple years ago. Be there.More


Sorry for the overuse of the wretched pun, but this is just a brilliant shot. It’s all in the eyes. (Not really sorry.) Well done, Dave. Another update in the saga of M and her car; the epic continues in the best American style: as of 1420 AZ time she was in eastern Mississippi, two…More

A Little Joke for you

Today in class we’re filling out college applications, protestations of the 12 year olds nonewithstanding. The highlight thus far has been the email addresses, and explaining the importance of appropriate and adultlike presentation. The highlight: We’ve got some precocious ones.More

Post 100

Not a bad piece of work for three months. M made it to southern Georgia and got the car fine, then had a flat tire epic which is resolved. Looks like she’ll be buying some new tires tomorrow. I worry about her, but, if you’re gonna do something like this, it’s a damn good time…More

Lack of Creativity

Blogging is an interesting deal. Sometimes I’m inspired and have lots too say, but in the last few days my energy has been too low. M, work, riding, and assorted errands get priority over this. I do end up feeling bad about neglect; I write here for myself foremost, and secondly to give back to…More


Good lines courtesy of 63xc. They’ve got a great article, Riding in the Smoking Section by Ainsley Wiles, up that’s worth a few minutes. My brain’s a bit fried from doing lots already this week, it feels like I’ve done a weeks worth of stuff in a day and a half, which from a paperwork…More

Real Toy

Got the Race Face North Shore cranks in from across the pond. Gorgeous, machined, overkill. A very nice matte dark gray-purple finish. So nice, I may have to slap ’em on a try out 165’s on the SS, in the face of conventional wisdom. 3 hours later: In fact I just did. Very pretty. Slight…More


1 lb of freedom. Eric has been corrupted. Check the sidebar.More

Granite Mountain Circumnavigation

I’m back, taking a break from the mind numbing business of grading. It’s spring here, for the moment. The families in jeans were out riding on the bike path this afternoon, our area’s prodigious yard sales resurfacing for the first time this year. I had a damn good ride. It certainly confirmed the advice that…More

"Bike Porn"

And assorted vicarious moments. Pics of SSAZ surfaced overnight. Here’s me at the back being friendly, during the neutral roll-out. Scott Morris to my right hiding his shifters and gears. Yes, that’s one of the Riding The Spine guys in front. Soon after this pic Scott zipped to the front as the pack fractured, and…More