No clever titles this week. We’ve had a full complement of seasons in the last month, and today is July. Warm, lovely, the heat hasn’t gotten old at all. Yet. I do have to remember when we moved here actually in July, and were sleeping on the porch to avoid the hot air. Rode back…More


It’s been a long week thus far, in part thanks to some garbage at work, but mostly because I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done. Details, work, primarily. I do need to rererevamp some aspects of the grading system (I do not work at a normal school, lets say) which is a bit of a…More

I wanna go here

Wish number one for this summer: climbing in California. Problem number one: I haven’t climbed since October.More

Mostly non-cycling related diatribe

I hope most of you 6 or so folks have read Jill in Alaska’s blog. If not, do so know (see links, that way>>). Good. Today Jill posted a picture of herself. She often does this , but this time made a point to put up a non-cycling photo. Why? I try to put up…More


My feet hurt. My quads hurt. My calves are a bit tight, as is my lower back. Such is life. 4.5 hours exactly, 2.5k of up (not very much, really), and I have no idea how many miles. Officially my longest run, ever. And while I am indeed tired, and will surely be gimping around…More


(Envision Smashing Pumpkins) Today I slept past 6 for the first time in three weeks, and damn it felt good. M made the mistake of promising to do (long overdue and stinky) dishes before I woke up, and I was able to prod her awake and coerce breakfast out of the deal. OJ, sausage, banana…More

A good day

We live in a very beautiful place. On one of the semi-regular trail runs this afternoon, the steepest hill tops out with a fantastic view of the San Francisco peaks 70 miles to the northeast, a good excuse to take a short break. I also managed to drop a few minutes off the round trip…More

Choices, choices

So, I have an issue. Trans Iowa is April 28th, and the Zane Grey 50 miler is the same day. Iowa is 20 hours away, the start of the Zane is 1 hour. Both courses seem excellent. I wouldn’t feel at all bad bowing out of TI, as everyone who tried got in anyway. The…More


Is almost. We had fog this morning, and swirling snow above 5k early this afternoon so I thought I’d be wearing goggles riding this afternoon. Not so. It stopped snowing, then 15 minutes into the ride the sun came out and I was down to long sleeves and wishing for spring-weight gloves. Tacky trail, bits…More