Midwest weather

40 degrees and rainy this afternoon, with a 3-500 foot ceiling, twas a good afternoon to do some work, which is what happened. Most of a week’s worth of prep and organizing in fact, so I’m pleased. I may or may not go for a ride after the news this evening; focus is fine tuning…More


Used to be my favorite animal when I was little, and still an object of fascination. This shot must have been taken with a huge lens to be so close. Tomorrow’s class lesson, Pika distribution in the mountain ranges of the continental US and the research being done therein on genetic drift. Since the last…More


Beta from Eric’s GPS from Sunday. 6.9k total of vert, not too bad.More

Some brief technical notes

Set out to augment the narrative below. The bike setup for yesterday was ideal. 30:20 was perfect, not too much for the climbing, able to hang with the gearies in the harder singletrack, and didn’t spin out too bad on the brief pavement (much of which was still uphill). Cockpit is ideal, Midges give great…More


Cliche yes, but so is “ships passing in the night” until you’ve been on one. Yesterday was epic, not in the sense that anything went wrong, but in the mental sense. We all got pushed, some more than others, and to quote Seb Grieve “its all in the mind.” I went down to Phoenix early,…More


Cuz I need to go to sleep! Below is a great photo of me assuming the position of the day. I forgot to set my altimeter log, but I think we logged around 6k of up in over 30 miles and 8ish hours. Gorgeous, gorgeous, fantastic riding. My hydration and nutrition was ideal, body felt…More

Bits and pieces

Small version of tomorrows ride, courtesy of Dale (epicrider). Good stuff. 2.5 hours skiing today, trails icy from the last week’s freeze-thaw, but beautiful and a good workout. “Found” a new and much faster way to Flag courtesy of M and mapquest last night. Yeah, it’s been that obvious for the last 6 months. Dumb.…More

English NOT the National Language

I am in the midst of the good ole News Hour, and a story on the Voice of America and it using English, or not. A commentator lamenting English not basking in exclusivity, comparing it to Radio Moscow not using Russian, Radio France not French, etc, etc. We are America, and it might be a…More

Juice v. Monkey

A review I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and the more straight and mindless sections of my 2 hour ride today let me consolidate the data; always tricky saying things like this in a way others will find accessible. The background: two plus years ago I bought a Cdale cross bike from a…More

3 the new 1?

Part of this weekends plans: I’m finally crawling out of my shell and heading down south to ride some of the extensive trails in the Phoenix area. I’ve never even seen “the valley” in daylight, and am scared of it. Too big, too hot. The high for Sunday down there is 70! Won’t have to…More