Juice v. Monkey

A review I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and the more straight and mindless sections of my 2 hour ride today let me consolidate the data; always tricky saying things like this in a way others will find accessible. The background: two plus years ago I bought a Cdale cross bike from a…More

3 the new 1?

Part of this weekends plans: I’m finally crawling out of my shell and heading down south to ride some of the extensive trails in the Phoenix area. I’ve never even seen “the valley” in daylight, and am scared of it. Too big, too hot. The high for Sunday down there is 70! Won’t have to…More

My ears hurt

M is indulging in some snide, pomo cultural experience right this second: watching American Idol. It’s really, really bad. I find it enormously discouraging that such a deliberately public display of idiocy and embarrassment is so popular. We are all a part of this monster. On the other side, I rolled out 90 quality minutes…More

In the groove.

Big day today, I’m getting the life/sports oriented words out of the way before the State of the Union. Though before I do, I should mention that my students read the ’06 SOTU today. Aside from some conspiracy theories and mangling of big words, it went over very well for such a long document. After…More


State of the Union tomorrow night folks, Shrubie may not be the best public speaker (or speaker of any kind) but he has improved and constitutionally required rituals are always a hoot. That, and it’ll be illuminated by the predawn of the most promising slate of presidential candidates in my lifetime. Legs are sore today,…More

Lamentation and Loneliness

Before we get to the fun stuff, and this weekend was a truly excellent one, I should say that I hate being lonely. This need not be synonymous with being alone, I can get along quite well with myself and have been profoundly lonely in a some of the loudest rooms of my life. But…More

Too much fun

Just received a notice in the mail from our illustrious YMCA, announcing a marathon (and the associated half, 1ok, blah blah…) on May 5th. The course is very cool, an out and back with only 10 total miles of pavement, the rest on FS roads A good solid climb up, back down, and back again.…More

Here we go again…..!

From the Canyonlands “information” online service: …I’m not in a very good position to inform or advise you. There is snow in shaded areas here in town, but open areas are presently clear and dry….Overall you’d do best by speaking with the staff in the Island in the Sky, and doing so by phone… Good…More

15 minutes

A friend from college is being interviewed at some point tomorrow by Rolling Stone on “crazy college stories,” and has requested contributions. I am not putting specifics up here, just the highlight reel that flashed through my head: -naked track bikes on an indoor basketball at 0200 (not me)-pneumatic potato canon (my old roommate, has…More

A good day

Not much more to say about it. The aforementioned morning commute seemed fun once my feet stopped aching, the ride home went fine. Got some good stuff done at work, especially with a couple students who are close to finishing some of their courses of study (for a given subject). Have to rewrite some exams…More