I need shoe covers. Rode up this morning in low teens, and my feet were frozen when I got up here to work. Had a great piece of the screaming barfies pacing around my classroom with my feet thawing. Not fun.More

Riding makes me stupid(er)

This is a demonstrable fact, witness the ride home today (under gorgeous bluebird skies): I was content for an hour to stare ahead, thinking of essentially nothing. No intrusions, beyond the level of “owtch, that’s a headwind” or “my front tire makes cool sounds at 25 mph”. This why having a job at it intellectually…More


Last night I slept like garbage, when the alarm went of a 0450 for riding to work, I immediatly reset it for an hour later and went back to sleep, albiet fitfully. An hour ago going outside, we had a brutal windchill, therefore I’m not looking forward to riding home. No getting sick. I’m a…More


This day goes forth for rest. Gotta have it. Today I went to work, went to our teacher’s meeting, came home, hung out, and drank the above. Which is simply the best. My fav. Now I’m watching Lehrer, ribs baking in the oven, potatoes on the stove. Life is good. Also, happy 78th to Mike…More

Photos from Freezefest

Courtesy of Ms. Malia McIlvenna. Cheers. The crew ready to roll in the parking lot. Canyoneering, moreso than most outdoor activities, attracts an interesting group of folks. On the second Freezefest-New Year’s trip through the Black Hole, two epic log jams were discovered. 70 feet tall, filling the entire canyon for 100 feet. Climbing over…More

Failure is not an option

Now: define failure. Something I’ve had problems doing for years now. Yesterday evening: is it failure to cry uncle and get picked up when the ride took longer than I thought, my hands are freezing, and I’m facing riding through town in the dark with all the scary drivers out and about? Or is it…More

Quick list for the day

…with more to come later. Right now I’m busy rehydrating before I pass out. 7 hours on the bike.4.5k vertical.Cold hands and feet.Lots of wandering around to find an obscure FS road. Stellar climbing and descending on said road.Unique trail conditions: slippery sand and hard cow-postholes?! (simultaneously)Lost the “road” 50 minutes of bushwacking with the…More


Always tricky, as Chris has noted, to switch gears after you spent most of the week gettin’ psyched to ride in the cold. This AZ morning, however, its crisp and sunny and blue. I woke up in my very nice bed (we finally found a proper mattress last month at a thrift store, $60 got…More

Dinner out is a go

Anyone care to identify the Rob Redford film in question? Just read Chris P’s tale of his WRIAD trip last February. Weird. The trip itself sounds epic, what’s weird is that I’m almost exactly a year older than him. My bday is in fact 2/10, but my AZ license says 2/11 because Meredith misrecalled it.…More


The ancient Greek philosopher, interpreter and recorder of Socrates, and as such the single most important author in the history of western thought. Apocryphly sourced for the quotation; “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Anyone want to point me towards a dialogue for that one? Not that we’re doubting, really reading the Symposium…More