The ancient Greek philosopher, interpreter and recorder of Socrates, and as such the single most important author in the history of western thought. Apocryphly sourced for the quotation; “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Anyone want to point me towards a dialogue for that one? Not that we’re doubting, really reading the Symposium…More

Psyching Up

Right now I’m waiting for the weather to happen, to find out if I’ll be riding the White Rim this saturday with Chris and Dave. Waiting, and waiting…… I’ve never been very patient. In any case, I need to track down some better shoe covers, if the ride goes on it’ll be COLD. I do…More

Feeling Good

Hauled myself out of bed at 0505, ate breakfast, and rode up to work. Making this a habit will be fabulous training, in the ~15 miles up here (a very rough guess) there’s almost 1.5k of climbing, and about 4oo’ of descent. My legs are still roughed up from skiing saturday, and never really loosened…More

Kaibab maps

Found the north Kaibab FS map at a new outdoor store in the area, one which nicely is open on Sunday. Some good options for the northern part of the loop, it’ll be a bit until I can check it out. This is turning into a fun project.More

Kaibab Monstercross

(Yeah I’ve got a lot of energy this morning. No training, maybe a hike later, and I really am not keen to start the days necessities of grading and laundry, ergo lots of posts. But that’s why this thing exists anyways.) In the interest of hoping on the diy/enduro/curiakstyle race/ride bandwagon, I propose the Kaibab…More

New World Order?

One of the small pleasures in life I’ve adopted recently is following national politics on television. There have been numerous times in the last few months when I’ve lamented missing The News Hour while on a ride, and I try to catch This Week sunday morning whenever I can; sundays usually being slow or off…More


Just read the Dave Harris and Lynda W cranked a 4:26 double lap of THE LOOP near Hurricane. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t match their split for one lap, though I think I’ve done it in 2:30ish early last year. Good to know what’s possible.More


Had a truly idyllic morning playing in the snow; I’m impressed with the quality and beauty of Flag’s ski trails. I’ll have to get back up in the summer and ride there also, and hopefully ski a couple more times. In three and a half hours I didn’t ski all the trails, more than can…More


Weather for a White Rim next weekend does not look so good; will have to see what materializes. I’d love to go, but too far to roll the dice with rain. The Flagstaff Nordic Center, however, got 4+” of snow today, so tomorrow is sure to be excellent. Contemplating selling a kidney to get some…More

Friday Trash

Too much going on in my head right now, a lot of which wants to make it’s way here. This is the quick and dirty solution. (West Wing reference for ya.) Riding TodayHauled myself out of bed at 0515 and rode the ~15 miles uphill to work. Pushing the TIv3 gear (34:16) up the steady…More