-Enjoy the winter celebrations. We owe it all to the pagans anyway. -The cheesesteak bailed from his Powell adventure, so he and Ariel came down and we drank some tasty brew last night with… -Namrita and Eddie O’dea. Who were kind enough to let me show them around Granite basin in my idiosyncratic fashion. Great…More


I’m jealous of the fun the CO crew is having. I love forceful weather, of any kind, but snow storms are the best. Lamentably, I live in the wrong state.More

Soul ridin’

Today was an excellent day. I’ve just felt better and better as the day went on, and got in a good 1.5 hour exploratory ride this afternoon. Headed up an old fire road, then up another, then off on a motorcycle trail up a wash….. Ended up traversing drainage heads, still on the moto trail.…More

Back to work

This morning I work up with my normal first thought: damn I’m hungry. That hasn’t happened in three days, so I’m off to work again. Being sick makes me stir crazy, there isn’t much left to do in the house after the last two days. Now I can go enjoy winter.More


I’ll have to devise some sort of retirement ceremony for my poor old, cracked, WTB. The new guy’ll look pimipin’. My bike is becoming a cliche.More

Weekend Vitals

Friday: Elden ride (last of the season)2 hours, 1.5k, awesome temps and crispy snow Saturday: Thunder Mtn (last of the season) and The Loop6 hours, 4.5k, two of the best trails of earth-gotta watch hydration in the cold (duh) Sunday: Kaibab snow and coffee with good people45 minutes horsing around on snowy fire roads on…More

School time

I believe Jeff Kerkove said recently “rest as hard as you train.” This has not been easy for me before. Now that I’m in for Transiowa, and have some equally intimidating intermediate goals, I want to get in shape right now. I must however hurry slowly, or I’ll get hurt. Done it before running, and…More

Victory is mine!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in Trans Iowa, singlespeed. Hell yes. Evan, you suck. Today’s vitals: ~40 miles, 4.5k up, 6 hours. Some sweet snow riding on Thunder Mountain, THE Loop near La Verkin. Amazing. And now I’m tired and dehydrated, runny nose and scratchy voice. Goose and Lil’ Creek tomorrow. Out.More

Monkey built!

This is where I’d put a picture, if I had a camera. I’m psyched to be derailleurless again. I may be pushing things to run out of town and play in the cold this weekend, on a brand new build, but damn the torpedos… Gotta kickstart.More