Anorak finished!

Grey fabric is OWFInc Epic polyester ripstop, 2.8ish oz/yrd. Blue and neon (underarm panels) fabric is Pertex Equilibrium. Pink flare is the nylon from the old anorak that got sacrificed as a pattern.

That was me showing what I think of making clothes.  It’s hard, finicky work.

There were plenty of head-scratching moments, some seam ripping, and there are and will remain quite a few uglyass seams, but everything is solid and the fit is what I wanted it to be.  Testing to begin shortly.

7 responses to “Anorak finished!”

  1. damn, you are brave.
    I want a report on the epic fabric. I have some that I’ve have never used.

  2. I used an anorak in college because it was super cheap, but I’ve moved away from them since I graduated and could afford jackets that weren’t on the super discount rack. I appreciate having fewer zippers and having less complex gear, but always had a problem with enough ventilation in an anorak because of the lack of a zipper.

    How do you manage to keep from overheating?

  3. Nice work……I dig the concept…..and the color scheme.


  4. Killer anorak Dave! I too am interested in hearing how the Epic shell handles your All Pack loaded up on the shoulders, Epic is quite soft by typical hardshell standards.

  5. Looks good, an anorak/ pullover is my next project as well, EtaProof as a material, though, so might be a bit easier than the synthetics.

    btw, love to see your Finnish Karhu skis there!

  6. Used it skiing yesterday. The epic is less breathable than a Houdini, but much more than my Paclite shell, so good thus far.

  7. […] is entirely made from Pertex Equilibrium, as I have plenty left over from my anorak (which has been rendered mostly useless by my Essenshell).  It is very remarkable fabric, which […]

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