North Fork packs

Occasionally, I make backpacks.  I am not a full time sewer.   My worth as a builder is in field knowledge translated to design, and for these reasons my custom packs are expensive.  You pay for my knowledge across a wide range of applications, and for my own experience in various backcountry disciplines.  There are plenty of better builders out there, and folks who know more about backpacking, hunting, packrafting, canyoneering, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and wilderness racing.  But there isn’t anyone who has the experience I do in all of these areas, and more, and also makes backpacks.

If you just want a good light, sturdy backpack made by humans living in the United States, I advise you to buy something from Superior Wilderness Designs.  If you know exactly what you want in a pack, down to the stitch, contact Chris Zimmer, who makes custom packs full time.  If you have a clear idea of what you want a pack to do, haven’t been able to find a good answer on the market, and need some guidance on how to make your ideas real, I might be a good choice.

In order to ensure timely delivery I open custom build slots one or two at a time in my store.  (If this item is not available I am not accepting custom work.)  You reserve your space in the cue with a $100 US fee.  Shortly thereafter I’ll reach out via email, and your $100 guarantees you as much email, phone, and if circumstances allow in person communication as is needed to finalize the design and price.  At this point the balance of half the final price is due, to get fabric ordered and sewing started.  The rest is due before shipment.

My capabilities are limited, and it is possible I won’t be able to complete some projects.  To get an idea of what I have done and could do again, read some of these many posts.

I also offer backpack modification and repair services.  If you have a bottom panel that needs to be replaced, a feature that should be added, or suspension that could be a bit better, send an email to dave at bedrockandparadox dot com.  Use “backpack mod” as the subject line, and include as detailed a description and photos as you can.  More detail allows me to respond with a quote, rather than more questions.  Please note that some projects may be inherently not cost effective, due to labor (read; seam rippin’), and that because of scheduling I will not always be able to accept all requests.

At some point in the future, when life allows, I will sell small batches of stock packs, like the Tamarisk.   I also, occasionally, work in consultancy with a backpack company.  I offer the full continuum, from field testing and feedback to from-scratch prototyping, generally on a flat fee basis.  I have worked with Superior Wilderness Designs, Revelate Designs, Gossamer Gear, Seek Outside, Massdrop, and others.  If interested please contact at the above email with a full project summary.