An unsupported traverse of a big wild place in the tradition of Bob Marshall and the Alaska Mountain and Wilderness Classic.

The 2022 Open will start at 0800 MDT, Saturday May 28th, at Blackleaf Canyon.  Due to space concerns, we will park, camp (as desired), and start at the stock parking area, which is the large meadow ~500 meters before the hiking trailhead.  Finish location will be posted here on May 18, 2022. Course area is all public land in Montana.    The usual guidelines apply.

-This is not a race.

-You must be entirely self-supported and self-contained.  Take everything you need, and leave nothing behind but footprints.  Any pre-planned assistance of any kind is forbidden.

-Any form of human-powered locomotion is allowed within the identified course area.  No linear travel on the surface of paved roads.

-You are responsible for you.  Come prepared for challenging conditions which can easily, with improper luck or preparation, turn life-threatening.  Any and all contingency and emergency plans must be arranged in advance by each individual.


2012: Teton River Bridge to Hungry Bear

2013: Benchmark to Bear Creek

2014: Marias Pass to Monture Creek

2015: Holland Lake to Swift Reservoir

2016: Bean Lake to Cedar Creek CG

-2017: West Fork Teton to Lake Inez

-2018: North Fork Blackfoot to Marias Pass

-2019: Swift Reservoir to Swan Lake

-2020: Point Pleasant to Gibson

-2021: Home Gulch to Sunset Hill Bridge