Fashion and the delams

Challenge’s Ultraweave fabrics have seen impressively broad acceptance this winter, with companies as diverse as Pa’lante and Stone Glacier using it, and companies like MLD and Seek Outside moving to make it a core part of their pack line ups.  As I found out this past summer, the specs are impressive, and the marketing equallyContinue reading “Fashion and the delams”

The DY Special, prelude

In early September last year I was cruising Craigslist for random boats, as one does, and saw something scary.  I kept coming back over the next week, and eventually told myself that were the thing still for sale when I came back from a hunting trip, I would call about it.  There was little doubtContinue reading “The DY Special, prelude”

Petzl Swift RL review

Montana at the start of winter is, to state the obvious, dark.  On December 22nd we have 8 and a half hours of daylight, and by today, over a month later, we only have an hour more.  Provided you can tolerate the cold and have enough interests, there is never a shortage of things toContinue reading “Petzl Swift RL review”

Things from 2021

Astute readers may have noticed that, back in mid spring, photo quality here took a turn.  The previous fall my long standing iPhone 5se took a dive (literally, on main stream in Escalante) and after 4 months of tape holding chunks of the screen in, reliability mandated a new phone.  I’d spent the winter puttingContinue reading “Things from 2021”

Montana’s early rifle

We’re in the second half of September, which means that in three Montana hunting districts, rifle season has started for deer and elk.  This is, I believe, the earliest season anywhere in North America for these animals, aside from special tags.  The mystique, or more accurately malarkey, surrounding these three districts is considerable, and theContinue reading “Montana’s early rifle”

The Fantasy

Make no mistake, this is a silly boat.  Just as it has been a silly, unusual, and in some respects unpleasant summer.  The heat rolled in at the very beginning of June, and baked me thoroughly during an exploratory trip on the upper reaches of Tenderfoot Creek.  With the exception of a cool and rainyContinue reading “The Fantasy”