You are all going to die

Nothing is certain and a lot can change in three weeks, but right now conditions for the Bob Open are shaping up to be as or more challenging than they’ve been, for any years of the formal event or for the two years prior when I did solo trips that weekend. Compared to three weeks […]

Escalante countdown

0830, prelude I have an old acquaintance who for decades has specialized in 2-3 week technical outings which consist of little other than day trips.  He only camps away from his truck when a route cannot be fit into a day, however long.  The planning and discipline required to live out of a vehicle for […]

How the Kifaru Duplex Works

When it comes to modern, internal frame load haulers for big game hunting Kifaru has defined the genre and, web traffic and analytics would have one assume, sells more than any of their competitors, by a considerable margin.  Recently I had a chance to borrow an older Duplex frame and spend a decent amount of […]