Not that, hard

It is easy for me to remember the night before my first Grand Canyon Double Crossing (aka Rim-Rim-Rim). Early December of 2005, living out of our Xterra, driven south and west by cold and the Grand Canyon as our last stop before the true lowlands of Vegas, Death Valley, and J Tree. We slept outside […]

Preserving the preserver

As most of you will know, President Trump recently ordered Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to conduct a review of all National Monuments designated since 1996.  Specifically, the executive order directs …the Secretary to conduct a review of all Presidential designations or expansions of designations under the Antiquities Act made since January 1, 1996, […]

We made it

The family is back in Montana, and a mostly sleepness night and a whole lot of box lifting the past few days can’t blunt how good it feels. To celebrate, the Go North sticker is on sale today only, cuz duh.  South-southeast is the worst direction ever. M and I have moved a lot in […]