Our Kuiu problem

I want to like Jason Hairston.  He’s a tad brash, self-centered but not self-absorbed, a little bit of an asshole, and at base totally earnest.  All things I respect because they’re all more prominent parts of my personality.  But I have a problem with Kuiu because Kuiu has a problem with itself, and the world […]

OR, the Rorshach test

The Outdoor Retailer tradeshow is happening, right now, and I am not there. The show is early this year, making conflict with the birthdays inevitable. A frequent comment about OR is “I’d rather be out hiking/climbing/etc” which I find both understandable and peculiar.  Obviously we made such a choice this year, but as yesterday wore […]

Shameless capitalism in 2017

First, for my own shameless commerce update: you can still purchase some nifty stickers, or Packrafting the Crown of the Continent, at the store.  Sticker purchases have proven highly subject to direct exposure here; whenever I put up a notice like this one sales spike.  Guidebook sales have been steady since the launch in early […]