OR, the Rorshach test

The Outdoor Retailer tradeshow is happening, right now, and I am not there. The show is early this year, making conflict with the birthdays inevitable. A frequent comment about OR is “I’d rather be out hiking/climbing/etc” which I find both understandable and peculiar.  Obviously we made such a choice this year, but as yesterday wore […]

Shameless capitalism in 2017

First, for my own shameless commerce update: you can still purchase some nifty stickers, or Packrafting the Crown of the Continent, at the store.  Sticker purchases have proven highly subject to direct exposure here; whenever I put up a notice like this one sales spike.  Guidebook sales have been steady since the launch in early […]

What ultralight is not

I tried my best five years ago, but despite little technological progress of consequence since, that little bastard ultralight refuses to die.  Rather, it lives a more robust life than ever, largely as a marketing catchphrase.  That being the case it is important than usual to take some time today and discuss all the things […]


The me of a decade ago would not easily recognize the me of today.  Since arriving three weeks ago we’ve done a lot, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how interesting most of it has been.  If I had the time I’d probably have a lot to say about how much and just why I […]

Not that, hard

It is easy for me to remember the night before my first Grand Canyon Double Crossing (aka Rim-Rim-Rim). Early December of 2005, living out of our Xterra, driven south and west by cold and the Grand Canyon as our last stop before the true lowlands of Vegas, Death Valley, and J Tree. We slept outside […]